Cultural Types

I used to think…... Culture was not a factor in the development of leadership skills.

What I learned…….. Richard Lewis provides another way to examine relationships and interactions with individuals from different cultures. He identifies 3 main culture types: Linear-active, multi-active and reactive. Countries are placed then along the continuum between the 3 cultural types.

As leaders it is important to consider these cultural types when engaging in conversations. How do you approach an individual? What do you know about their cultural type? In the end the strategies you use will inevitably determine your success and how you build a relationship with the individual, company or organization. By stepping back, learning more, trying to understand and carefully choosing the preferred approach you may have greater success.

How does this apply to your work?

How could you as a business person, school leader, teacher or parent use this information to improve communication and improve your relationships?

What does this look like when you are working with multi-cultural teams/staffs, parents and students?

What do you know?


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