This week I struggled…..

My Vice Principal was away at Responsive Classroom training in Thailand this week. I felt like a single parent to 735 students and 120 staff. Thank goodness for all the support of our extended leadership team who wrapped around me like loving aunts and uncles! We made it work but it was not easy!

This experience made me reflect on the power of a great administrative partnership.

I have been soooooo fortunate to have AMAZING Vice Principals. Brilliant, talented and most of all passionate about their jobs. Those that I learned from and learned with! Those who challenged me or pushed my thinking. Those who kept me from making emotional decisions or HUGE mistakes!

What makes a good administration partnership? Honestly for me it is a lot like a good marriage.

1. Frequent, open and honest communication.
2. Similar core values and beliefs about teaching and learning.
3. Passion: Not for one another obviously but for improvement.
4. Collaboration
5. Focusing on and using each others’ strengths.
6. Compromise
7. Fierce and open dialogue behind closed doors but a united front with staff.
8. Trust
9. Kindness, Caring and Compassion
10. Support during difficult times!
11. Sense of Humour
12. Shared Responsibility

To John, Michelle, Beth, Marek, Bri and Jenny thank you ALL for making me a better leader, cleaning up my messes, picking up the slack, listening and ALWAYS having my back! You have all taught me so much and I want you to know that my life is richer because I been fortunate to work alongside all of you!

What qualities do you think make a successful administrative partnership?

How have your relationships with your admin partner impacted you as a leader?

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