As I look back over the #oneword posts from 2016 and 2017 I am reminded of my pledge to inspire and also to live intentionally. I believe I have done that and will continue to do so in my role as a leader and in my personal life. Heading to China to embrace an opportunity for both professional and personal growth was intentional. I really wanted to put my leadership skills to the test in a different context and culture. I spent a great deal of time weighing the pros and cons of the decision to see if it was indeed an option for me and for my family. I arrived at a VERY intentional decision to make the change.

In my role as school leader at CISB I have been very transparent that my job is to inspire and push my staff to be the best educators that they can be. I openly share my blog with them and with the world so that it may be a source of inspiration, reflection or support for others who may want to step outside their comfort zone or who are struggling with some of the challenges of leadership. My goal is to inspire others to be authentic and transparent with the joys of leadership but also the challenges. To model resilience and honesty. I try to speak my truth and encourage others to do the same.

This year I have chosen the word possibility. I honestly do not know where I will go next. What adventure, what challenge, what possibility lies ahead. I am trying to embrace the new and uncomfortable the comes my way with the hope of opening it to new possibilities.

People are asking me what my plan is. Are you coming back after your time there? The answer is “I do not know at this point.” I have no idea what possibilities are out there for me in this great big world. What countries are there to explore? What situations or problems will arise to work through? What professional learning opportunities will be available to me?

I also want possibility to transcend to my staff. What are the possibilities for our growth and the growth of our students when we collaborate together? What are the possibilities for ourselves and our students when we commit to intentionally plan and examine our practices and pedagogy? What are the possibilities when we open our minds to different solutions, opportunities and new ways of approaching things? How can we improve ourselves, our teaching and student learning? What possibilities lie ahead for us, for our students, and for our school community? How can we inspire our students to see the unlimited possibilities that lie ahead for them in this ever changing world?

For 2018 my #oneword is possibility and I intend to keep myself open to all that comes my way.

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