This S#%$ is getting real

Summer is a time to rest, recharge and reflect. This summer for me is one in which I find myself trying to beat the clock. In less than a month I will take a 13 hour flight to Beijing where I will start a new adventure as the principal of the PYP program at the Canadian International School of Beijing. Right now I am in Vancouver to learn about the PYP program in preparation for this new role. This trip has given me lots of time to reflect on where I have been and where I am going.

What I have discovered is that despite my desire to challenge myself and grow I am anxious/nervous about leaving behind the familiar.

I have found very dear and trusted colleagues that challenge me and push me to grow professionally. Who will serve that role for me in my new context? Who will be that professional support system?

One week into summer I have not seen or spoken to one of my dearest friends whom I usually speak to daily. I realize how much I miss that daily communication and how much I rely on her friendship and support. How will I sustain this and my other relationships with a 12 hour time difference and the grind of our lives?

How will I parent from a distance? I know I am doing that at the moment with both of the boys in college but what if they need me…I mean really need me?

How will the distance affect my relationship with my husband, parents, family and our dear friends?

How will I fill the down time? Right now I have very specific routines, people and places that fill my time: pilates, friends, shopping, reading, hockey, weekends with the boys and house related commitments. What will fill these gaps?

I know that I will establish new habits, routines and make new friends but it is still going to challenge me as an educator, parent, wife and person.

In the meantime I am going to make the most of the moments that I have now with those that I love the most. Savouring and creating memories that will sustain me in those difficult times.

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