What type of leader are you?

This weekend a colleague and I started the OPC Educational Law course at the Upper Grand District School Board. During our time in Guelph we had the opportunity to hear Dr. Martha Rogers the Director of Education speak. Dr. Rogers has been the Director of Education in Upper Grand for 22 years. That in itself is an accomplishment. Hearing her speak was inspiring. She was warm, witty, honest, and authentic. Her participation in the course and having the opportunity to speak with her casually had me reflecting on the types of leaders that cross our paths. If I were describing the type of leader Dr. Rogers is, I would describe her as a servant leader. Servant leaders according to Dan Rockwell of the Leadership Freak….

1. Commit to create a great experience for others.
2. Watch over; never hover.
3. Inquire, understand, and connect.
4. Don’t intrude or dominate.
5. Anticipate needs. Meet needs without being asked.
6. Clear. Get stuff out of the way without getting in the way.
7. Express gratitude for the opportunity to serve.

Dr. Rogers had command of the room not because she was in control but because participants were in awe hanging on her every word. Those administrators that worked with Dr. Rogers had a deep respect for her. She knew them intimately….their strengths, families, interests, and experiences. They felt respected, valued, appreciated and inspired. Inspired to do better, to learn more, to serve their leader and their communities.

This experience made me reflect on my leadership…..

How would my staff characterize my leadership?
What are the perceptions of my staff and community about my leadership strengths and areas for growth?
How can I learn from this experience and apply the lessons to my own leadership?

How would your staff characterize your leadership?

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