What would you stand up for?

Last night my husband and I watched Hacksaw Ridge. I honestly had no idea what the movie was about. I assumed it was just another war story that was good enough to earn Oscar recognition. It was so much more than that. The story is about Desmond Doss who was a conscientious objector but enlisted in the army and went on to perform heroic acts that saved the lives of many of the men in his platoon. I will not go into great detail about the movie as I do not want to ruin it for those of you who have not seen it but it really had me reflecting about my role as a leader.

What in my role do I stand up for? What am I willing to fight for? Where am I willing to push back and ask pointed questions?

In the role as a school leader there are times you are asked to support initiatives you do not think are best for your students or staff. You see staff treat a student in a way that is unkind or undignified. You have a community service agency that fails to meet the expectations you have. You have a parent that is confrontational or disrespectful towards you or your staff. You have a student who uses unkind words or actions towards another student.

Do you object or do you stand by and let it go? What are your non-negotiables? How far will you go to stand up for what you believe?

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