Leadership Learning : Just a Step Ahead…..

Thoughts about leading and learning…..


Finding your Tribe

This has been a week of highs and lows for me and I want to acknowledge that I know this is all part of the process and I am okay. (no need to worry mom lol) I am truly loving this new and exciting leadership experience. It is such a joy to welcome the smiling…

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Putting the “fun” back into leadership

Fundamentals: School goals set direction and create a alignment between teaching and learning. They reflect the information collected through data as well as the mission, vision and values of the school and also in our case the IB PYP program. These fundamental principles must guide the work we do each and every day as leaders,…

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Setting up Success…..

For the last two weeks I have had the pleasure of planning, delivering and participating in orientation with my staff, students and families. We began with our staff who are new to CISB, some who are new to teaching and some who are new to International education. For these first three days new staff members…

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Highlights and New learning

This first week has flown by, so many new experiences and a great deal of new learning. New Learnings about China: Always look both ways before crossing the street or you WILL get hit by a bike, scooter or car. You can get anything delivered to your door any day/any time. There are multiple online…

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Training Wheels

It has been a LONG time since I felt this out of my element. It started the second I boarded the plane. I flew Hainan Airlines which is a Chinese speaking airline. They do translate into English and provide funny little videos with English subtitles to explain everything you need to know to fly with…

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This S#%$ is getting real

Summer is a time to rest, recharge and reflect. This summer for me is one in which I find myself trying to beat the clock. In less than a month I will take a 13 hour flight to Beijing where I will start a new adventure as the principal of the PYP program at the…

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Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable…..

The last week I spent transitioning to my new position as Elementary Principal at the Canadian International School of Beijing. What a privilege to have the opportunity to spend time building relationships, gathering information and immersing myself in daily life. I was so fortunate to have the time to spend with Grace the out going…

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Leap of Faith

Back in January I wrote “I am at a point in my career where I have been a school leader for 11 years. I have worked internationally through OPC’s International School Leadership and I am ready for a change, but what change is it? What skills, experiences and new learning do I need to grow…

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No Regrets…..

Thank you to David Carruthers who shared the above video on Twitter. I have watched it several times now and it is really resonating with me at this time of year. “Where are we now?” The video talks a lot about things left unsaid, paths left unexplored and risks not taken. How does this apply…

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Out in the World

Friday night I usually rest and reflect on the week. I try and take some time to analyze the week and the leadership wins and losses. I celebrate the wins and learn from the losses. I often take some time to catch up on TV or movies that I have missed. I found myself watching…

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