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朋友  Pengyous

This year I have had the opportunity to work with some INCREDIBLE people. I have learned so much from them and felt so supported and accepted. They have been wonderful colleagues but more than that they have been my Beijing family. They have taught me so much about leadership, resilience and living in the moment. They have brought me along on adventures and encouraged me to move outside of my comfort zone. They constantly push my thinking and given me new insight and perspective. Many of these close friends and colleagues are off to new adventures and our paths may not cross for some time so thank you for a wonderful year.

Dear Kate:

You have by far the biggest, kindest and gentlest loving heart I have ever known. Your positivity and energy flows into all that you do and is contagious to those around you! The joy you bring to teaching overflows to your students and they leave each and every encounter with you feeling that they are loved and valued. And of course that beautiful smile that lights up a room and makes everyone feel at ease. I hope that you find joy, love and adventure as you set out for the journey of a lifetime. Thank you for taking me under your wing from the start and for being such a great friend. I will miss you but know that our paths will cross again soon! Until we meet again my friend!

Dear Kelsey:
You know what I think without me saying, what I need without me asking and how I feel without me telling you. I know that Joey always jokes that you are the younger version of myself but I do feel a kindred spirit with you! You are so self-assured, brilliant, kind and funny. You know what you want and how to get it and like me you are just slightly bossy. The best part is you embrace all of who you are with confidence, grace and poise. There is no doubt in my mind that you will continue to be part of my life because it is just not an option for you not to be! I love you my friend and will miss you terribly but I will always have a little part of you with me each day in our cozy little apartment!

Dear Katrina:

You and Elliot have such a beautiful family and are such AMAZING parents! It is given me so much joy to watch Eddie and Findlay grow over the last year. It truly has taken me back in time to when my boys where small. Thank you for always being there in the background to support me as I tried really hard to fill some BIG shoes. You offered your advice, historical information and guidance without ever once questioning my judgement or making me feel like I was making the wrong choice. I have learned so much from you and have enjoyed the time we spent together. You are a great leader, mother and friend and I will miss you!

Dear Chelsey:

My favourite cactus, porcupine and prickly pear! You are one of the MOST passionate people I have ever met. Some people say that they put kids first but you mean it and live it. Your love for your students and willingness to do whatever it takes to support their success is evident in everything that you do! You always stand up for what is right and are the champion for the underdog. I knew the second that I met you over a year ago that you were special. I instantly felt drawn to you and knew I would be able to count on you for support, honesty and friendship. You will leave a large void here and I know that your influence on CISB will be felt for years to come. I am looking forward to spending some time with you in the A frame this summer and to learn all about the beauty of PEI. I ❤ you!

My dearest Bri:

Brilliant, beautiful and bursting with kindness, care and compassion. You have helped me find the joy, laughter and fun in leading again. Your honesty, resilience and ability to reflect and strive for constant improvement is second to none. I have learned so much from you about the PYP program, international education, curriculum, assessment and leadership. You challenge me and push me to be a better leader. You embrace all that comes at you with grace and humour! Thank you for being the best work wife and friend a gal could ask for! What can I say….you complete me! I love you and will miss you. Watch our Kiev Beijing Bri is on her way!

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