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Filling my cup…..

Most of my friends and family know that one of my reasons for leaving Ontario and coming to China was to find a better work/life integration and to work on my personal wellness. I was feeling burnt out and I did not want to get to a point that I was unhealthy, unhappy and negative…

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Know Thy Impact

Recently I had a dialogue with a friend about the impact others have on us and the fact that we really do not know how our words, behaviours or experiences change a person. In particular we talked about how we are negatively impacted at times by situations or people in our work that we face….

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Finding your Swing…..

During the Golden Week holiday I finally sat down to read “The Boys in the Boat.” I knew that I would instantly connect with the story because it was about the USA Olympic Rowing team and their quest for a Gold Medal at the 1936 Olympics and we have been a part of the world…

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Breath in and Breath Out: Leadership in a Time of Crisis

This week in Thailand was spectacular. Sand, sun, sunsets, food, drinks, laughter, friendships and quiet relaxation. During our trip there was a serious event that also stirred some unresolved feelings and memories that required time to process. Kate and I had just arrived at the pool, I stopped to fill up the water bottles and…

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Shedding the Weight….

This is the “Golden” week in China. A time when working families travel to their home province or wealthier families take a vacations to spend time with their family. This is the mid Autumn festival time when you will see the traditional Chinese Moon Cakes everywhere. Traveling in China is a challenge because all Chinese…

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