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What do you hold on to?

My husband recently sent me this quote. He told me that one of the flight attendants on a recent flight referenced it and it really resonated with him.

It also made me think of our journey as leaders, especially in the area of resilience.

As a leader I often struggle when I make a mistake or have a difficult situation to manage. It takes me time to reflect and process through it. One of my closest friends and confidants told me that I take on the emotions of situations and others and get stuck until I can work through it. I know I am my hardest critic and that at times I hold onto things too long and that it affects my mindset and my resilience.

I wonder……

Do I let emotional issues take up too much of my time in the present?

How can I compartmentalize the challenges and move forward from them?

Do I wear my emotions and struggles too openly? Does this come through in my daily work with staff, parents and students?

In the OLF (Ontario Leadership Framework) under personalized Leadership Resources there is the section Perceiving and Managing Emotions. One of the components is reflecting on our own emotional responses and their potential consequences. Based on this what is the right balance? How will I know it is right? What are the consequences of being too emotional or not emotional enough?

How can you be more present in the work of the day?

How do you perceive and manage emotions?

How do you put the challenges of yesterday behind you to focus on today?

amluce • January 9, 2017

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