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Over the last week I have been thinking a great deal about the perspectives or the lenses that we bring to our work as leaders. Last weekend I had the pleasure of participating in the IB Leadership series workshop What is Leadership? led by Darlene Fisher and Sean Watt. The…

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This week I struggled….. My Vice Principal was away at Responsive Classroom training in Thailand this week. I felt like a single parent to 735 students and 120 staff. Thank goodness for all the support of our extended leadership team who wrapped around me like loving aunts and uncles! We…

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Clearing Space

The past 6 weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. The first two weeks of summer at home I spent virtually alone as my colleagues, family and friends were still working or away for school or work. During that time I felt extremely productive. I scheduled tasks for the day and…

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Well I am back in Ontario and excited to be here. Hard to explain the feeling of coming home. There is so much comfort in being surrounded by the familiar and settling into old habits and routines. That said I still find myself at loose ends. I always need about…

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朋友  Pengyous

This year I have had the opportunity to work with some INCREDIBLE people. I have learned so much from them and felt so supported and accepted. They have been wonderful colleagues but more than that they have been my Beijing family. They have taught me so much about leadership, resilience…

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Looking back

This has been a very profound year for me personally and professionally. I feel that I have been forever changed as the result of my experience living and working in China and within an international school. I often joke with my colleagues, friends and family that the genie is out…

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